Sign-Up Instructions

To sign up with alert Long Beach, to receive emergency notifications to your mobile phone and or email address click here.

Select yes, I would like to create a managed account and then create a username and password.

Confirm your password here by typing it again.

Now click continue.

Enter your first name and your last name.

Now enter your street address and your city. Click here and choose the state of California from the drop-down menu.

Now enter your zip code.

Make sure you click here to receive accessible Long Beach messages in American Sign Language.

Enter your cell phone number here. No video phone numbers. Alert messages cannot be sent to a video phone.

You must click here to receive alerts via text message, and then select your mobile phone provider from the drop down list.

If you prefer alert messages to be sent to your TDD, check this box.

If you would like to receive alerts to several phone numbers, click on the Add Phone button and enter the additional phone numbers. Again, do not use your video phone number. Alert messages cannot be sent to video phones.

To receive alerts by email, click on the Add Email Button here. Enter your email address, then enter it again to confirm you typed it correctly.

You will automatically receive emergency notifications to this email address and any other phone numbers you have added. Again, alerts cannot be sent to your video phone numbers.

You will also receive other notifications, such as Road Closures. If you do not wish to receive these types of notifications, UNcheck this box.

Check here to agree to receive messages in American Sign Language, and then click Verify Information.

Verify that your location is correct on the map and then make sure that your address and telephone number are correct, then click continue.

Congratulations, you are now registered to receive messages in American sign language from Alert Long Beach.