What precautions are taken to protect personal contact information stored in the AlertLongBeach system?

Q: What is Alert Long Beach?

Q: How can I sign-up to receive alert notifications?

Q: What types of messages will be sent using the AlertLongBeach system?

Q: How does the AlertLongBeach system work?

Q: What if I don’t have a landline, can the AlertLongBeach system call my cell phone?

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Q: How does the AlertLongBeach system respond to busy signals or no-answer situations?

Q: If I’m listening to a message live, is there a way to repeat it?

Q: How do I change or delete the information I registered?

Q: Is my contact information included in the AlertLongBeach system database?

Q: What precautions are taken to protect personal contact information stored in the AlertLongBeach system?

A: AlertLongBeach is a service powered by Connect-CTY®, a product of Blackboard Connect, Inc. (BCI). The City of Long Beach and BCI take citizen security and privacy concerns seriously. Policy and contract agreements have been put into practice that prohibit AlertLongBeach contact information from being shared, sold, traded, leased or loaned to outside parties. Staff access to citizen contact information is limited and approved at many layers.Citizen provided contact information transmitted through the web-portal is sent over a secure connection.

From a technical perspective, BCI utilizes multiple physical and virtual layers of firewalls to maintain data security. Data is hosted in state - of - the - art facilities which require photo identification, thumb-print recognition, keyed access, and are continually staffed with full-security personnel. All data is encrypted prior to being placed on tape for offsite storage. BCI also retains an external, independent security firm to perform annual security audits.No confidential information is transmitted between BCI and its customers using e-mail, but rather always uses secure communication channels.

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